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Presentation topics include:

Growing Up Italian

Discover how time around the table and taking care of family through food can create a rich legacy instead of just hours in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes.

Single Parenting

Learn how one mother of 12 did it all on her own after her husband was killed. What did it feel like? How hard was it for her just to get up each and every day with a positive attitude? What did she do when money was tight? What were her biggest struggles and how did she overcome them?

Dealing With Sudden Death

As a survivor, you are not just dealing with your loss and grief. If your loved one’s death was brutal, you also need to know how to handle shock, uncertainty, fear, and concerns about the welfare of your family.

Being Both Mother And Father

She never wavered doing the impossible. Protector, police, financier, helper, chef, cleaner…as a single mom, she was all of these things and more.


As an adult, you may be handling end-of-life and funeral arrangements as well as your own grief. Learn what your children may be keeping bottled up inside themselves in an effort to keep you from worrying about their feelings, too.

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Josephine’s engaging speaking presentation topics include: Growing up Italian, Single Parenting, Dealing with Sudden Death, Being both Mother and Father and Burial.

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