October is Italian Heritage Month

Mark your calendars now. October 1 through November 17, 2017 is your opportunity to experience the best of Italian-American culture close to home at Ciao Philadelphia 2017. Philadelphia is home to one of the largest, most accomplished enclaves of Italian-Americans in the entire United States. I’ve given you a glimpse of the richness of my [...]

The Dare

“One night—it must have been when I was about ten—five of my sisters and I were in the living room watching television and talking and laughing with two of our brothers. And brother George was not feeling well so he was upstairs sleeping. One of my sisters said we should paint George’s fingernails bright red, [...]

Philly in the 1950s

Our family moved from South Philly in 1955. We had lived in an Italian neighborhood with lots of my Dad’s brothers and sisters and their families living around us. Once my Dad was murdered, we moved to be safer. We went to an Irish neighborhood in southwest Philly. This made us feel out of place [...]