Layna Schiavo Rizzo

I just finished Love & Loyalty and was initially disappointed. I thought I was going to be reading a juicy Mafia crime story, but that’s not what it was. I was pleasantly surprised and enamored that it turned out to be a love story about the down-to-earth Pasquarello family headed by the matriarch, their mother, Romania. It’s about a woman who loved so deeply she kept her husband’s secret from the family for a lifetime. A woman who went to great lengths to keep her 12 children together no matter what the cost. I came to know and love the Pasquarello family because the story is written in a way that brings you right into the family. You cheer for their triumphs and cry for their tragedies. I would recommend this book to everyone who holds family important. Josephine, wishing you much success with this treasure. You have a flair for storytelling.