Glenn Miller

“Josephine B. Pasquarello’s book Love & Loyalty is her incredible story of growing up in an Italian family in Philadelphia. It really is the story of her truly remarkable mother who after the death of her husband, the result of a mob hit, puts all she has into raising their twelve children on her own. She is aided by her intense love for her deceased husband and for their children as well as her deep devotion to God. With this support system the children are able to survive and even thrive. The extent to which this woman is able to sacrifice for her children is almost beyond comprehension. The author describes the love the boys and girls have for their mom and for one another as well as the normal youthful rivalries that emerge. All of the events are told with language that reflects the flavor of their community. Josephine sadly indicates that after her mom’s death at 66 the family begins to fall apart, a family whose members while under their mom’s guidance had always helped and cared for one another.

To derive further inspiration I have begun to reread Josephine’s wonderful story. I would recommend that others enter her world of love and loyalty by reading this book.”
—Glenn Miller